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22m Malta

Part of a multi-design, four boat order for service in Malta, these highly capable and versatile 20m Catamarans provides their operator with flexible service options as part of an all-encompassing commuter ferry and tourist vessel service for the island nation.


One2three’s optimised Catamaran hull form design offers fuel economy, wash minimisation, versatility and high economical operation. These Cats are part of a new breed of ferry design providing their operator with options for a flexible and profitable service profile.

Length overall:  21.92 m

Length waterline:  21.13 m

Beam:  7.60 m

Service speed:  8 knots @ 50% MCR 

Crew:  3

Passengers:  197

18076 wsl628-Edit.jpg
18076 wsl978-Edit.jpg
18076 wsl627-Edit.jpg
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