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8m Multirole Safety and Response Watercraft

This 8.0 metre HDPE vessel has been designed as a multi-role safety and response watercraft for the world’s militaries. While designed for a primary role as an on-water stand-by safety vessel during military training exercises, the vessel’s high performance and durable construction makes it suitable for a wide variety of
non-tactical military operations including hydrographic survey, medical support and evacuation, transportation, and command and control of coastal exercises.


Designed in consultation with HDPE build specialist PFG Group of Tasmania, the vessel showcases the many benefits of her plastic construction. Virtually indestructible, the vessel can survive groundings and collisions that would
render non-operational similar vessels built from traditional materials.

Length overall:  7.85 m

Length waterline:  6.85 m

Beam:  2.69 m

Speed:  39 knots

Crew:  2

Passengers:  4

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