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11m Tactical Watercraft - Sentinel 1100

Our 45+ knot RHIB tactical watercraft is under construction by PFG Hobart in HDPE - a robust, unsinkable, engineered polymer material. The deck layout is rapidly configurable to a wide range of missions, including aerial and underwater surveillance, infantry & materiel transport, medivac, mine counter measures, hydrography support and expeditionary reconnaissance.


A removable cabin supports interdiction and tactical assault missions. With a density less than water the vessel is virtually unsinkable and boasts class leading minimal through life costs backed by a 10 year warranty.

Length overall:  11 m

Length waterline:  9.6 m

Beam:  3.5 m

Speed:   45+ knots

Crew:  3

Passengers:  12

21046 DSC_6421.JPG
21046 The Sentinel 1100.jpg
21046 AVA_1649.jpg
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